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Things get messier when we try to play with words.  They also get less messy, see what I mean?  Sometimes while you’re looking for the best way to say something, your daughter walks right out the front door with no shirt on.

Deeper Into Jazz

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We are a band working together 600 miles apart.  That’s not easy, but it can be if with the proper frame of mind.  Ideas are important and the expansion of them through the process of creation and destruction with trust is revelatory.  The name of our band is Diatomaceous Earth.

Well That’s Fucked Up

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94 F350 for sale

4×4 Crew Cab runs real well

Flatbed 5th wheel ball & hitch

5.8 small block like a son of a bitch

Now the windshield is cracked the EGR is a mess

Some doors don’t really open and the parking brake’s shit

So if you’re looking for a truck in a prom dress

I’ll tell you right now that this one’s not it


But if you don’t mind this forestry service green

Not forest green but forest service green

And if you’re looking for a reliable working man’s truck

I’ll tell you right now I’m not asking much

First 1500 takes her home

I don’t need it I’m in no rush

Up rolls Ken, he’s here for his son

Smile on his face says that’s fucked up


The ad said this was a 5th wheel bed

This aint no 5th wheel like you said

Gooseneck here is what this is

You even know what a 5th wheel is?

Truck’s tired as hell sure as hell snows

Fire it up and let’s take a look

See that cut in there in the coolant hose

Your belt installation well that’s fucked up


Thought you said this was the second motor

I can tell you you’re wrong I’m sure

Your small block is the original sin

Ain’t nobody Joe McGee’d this thing in

Something’s missing there there’s a leaky exhaust

Can’t burn condensation without no defrost

See here son your brakes are fucked up

Oh your brakes are fucked up


That quarter panel there is all fucked up

Door’s fucked up cause it wasn’t properly shut

Chassis I like that body type

Nothing pretty but I don’t care about rust

See that Bronco II I drove in here

Runs tight and straight and my dog likes the interior

Course my wife fucked it up and so did my daughter

And that goddamm stupid ass husband of hers


Tried to adjust the timing is what he said

Fucked up a good engine he’s got shit in his head

Now what about you son, what the hell do you do

You milk cows shit that’s all that I knew

Grew up on a dairy with three of my brothers

Pulling dead rotted calves out of their mothers

You dealt with a cow that’s got the bloat?

Stick a knife in her side and let the air out


Yeah it’s fucked up what the hell isn’t

Goddamn government sticks its nose in our business

Aint never no worse than this President’s stuff

He aint even American his birth certificate’s fucked up

Take a good look at that Arizona’s sheriff’s report

And then finally that’s when I cut ol’ Ken short

Ken, let’s forget the truck and the cows and the politics

There’s not much to meet on in there


Let’s just agree in this grand cosmic tent show

That one man’s fuckup is another’s fandango


Fandango shenango shebango

Beauty and Bread

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40 years and 40 nights

so many dreams gone out of sight

i can’t remember when the world turned this way

i don’t know who i thought i’d be

the boy who climbs the tallest tree

the new beginning or end it’s hard to say

i’m letting go for good

i’m setting down my pride

i’m letting go of the man i never was

the skies are clearing now

my heart and hands know how

to live on bread and beauty and love

i used to wonder but not believe

my time was never gonna leave

and the world would give me every reason why

all the waters come and go

come together and alone

and now we’re here for the rest of my life

i’m letting go for good

i’m setting down my pride

i’m letting go of the man i never was

the skies are clearing now

my heart and hands know how

to live on bread and beauty and love


i’m letting go for good

i’m setting down my pride

i’m letting go of the man i never was

the skies are clearing now

my heart and hands know how

to live on bread and beauty and love

we want to comm..

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we want to communicate with honesty.

Free Form Introduction to Muistardeaux Manifesto Vol. 3 ( a work in progress)

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we want to play instruments for expression.

Much can be said about sides of the brain and various forms of communication and thought.  We are two who talk to one another often about an inexpressible “thing” or “essence”.  This is why we turn to music.  Here, we express things to one another with the freedom of subjective interpretation where one player can glean the essence of the anothers input even, and especially, if the result is something completely unexpected by the participants.  Here is where we can create something new and larger than our logical minds can comprehend.  By turning presenting it to an audience, the process can potentially begin anew.  This is the  function of art, for it requires a viewer, listener, and feeler.


Muistardeaux Collective was initially attracted to jazz for its complete freedom, a freedom we have since realized is steeped in tradition, skill, and countless hours of practice.  At first, we were able to insert a jazz noise here and there and pleasured in slipping the surly bounds of craft.  We learned that this is not what makes music great, no matter how experimental or post post post post post experimental we think it may be.  Music has logic.  Music is inherently logical.  What excites us is the developing of skill to produce a logical sound under the auspices of making new music in the moment.  
Often we could say that we where in the pocket or the pressure and heat of this moment created something in us.  This is true, but in the process of developing a skill for listening and making manifest a musical voice, we are able to rely not on luck or superstition but on logic, a is to b is to c#.  Plus emotion.

The predicament of the contemporary musician is the same as it always has been-create the future by using the tools of the past and present.  With the proliferation of the internet and by creating squarely in the information age, the artist today is responsible for everything that is occurring world wide.  
 Despite this, music retains the intimate, the traditional, and the personal.  The spirit of man has not changed much.   The difference between pre-historic and post modern humans is the highly nuanced language used to describe how  things make us feel.  And yet, language remains inadequate to handle such a abyssal subject.  Art makes its entrance here to handle it.  Or, at very least, address it.



we are musicians.  it would be wonderful if an audience digs what we do.  We do not try to create music that is unlistenable.    We are not an 80′s cover band seeking to entertain an audience for pay.   
  Duke Ellington referred to his music making as an “evocation”,   a conjuring or summoning of something from the spiritual realm.  Certainly we can lay a plan of what we will play, but actualization takes place outside of our analytical mind.  Like all good art, its creation happens without analysis; it manifests through unfiltered (and unbridled) emotional response to logical information.
  The pace of improvised music, regardless of tempo, is such that myriad decisions must be made instantaneously.  Theses decisions shape the music into something previously unheard.  We are not interested in rendering music, as a world class western symphony might.  We are interested in creating new music on the spot.  We bring whatever skill we have, employ all of the practice that we have done on our instruments and all the theory that we are aware of regarding music and let it fly, often right out of the window.  

  Our music is real time synthesis of our experience of living.  In it, we are able to bring experience into the musical parameter that we are creating.
  We trust that our music continually creates opportunity for expression of the inexpressible and thereby exceeds our knowledge.


in 2012, human beings are compromised at best, and incapable at worst of pure creation.  Thinkers are far too inundated with “knowledge” and,  thereby beholden to reference,Image to achieve an honest creative gesture except by unconscious, subconscious, or semi conscious means.  For this reason, We continue to investigate the the potential of improvisation, chance, and mystery.  Information is in rapid flux…

Deeper into Jazz

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Muistardeaux Collective embarks on a new recording, video, painting, and poetry project called Deeper into Jazz.

Here we will chronicle the various ways we approach the cool together and apart.  more soon.  who has time to blog.  non