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“Performing music is the job that has the most to do with the belief in the existence of a soul.  I deal in Berg’s soul, in Brahm’s soul — that’s my job.  And, you can challenge me, but I find that music is human’s most advanced achievement, more so than painting or writing, because it’s more mysterious, more magical, and it acts in such a direct way.  Trying to turn lead into gold is nothing compared to taking something mechanical like an instrument — a string and a bow — and using it to evoke human soul, preserved through the centuries.”

                                 - Christian Tetzlaff, violinist

Happy Birthday to Muistardeaux Today!

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Libretto from Kimmerly, an opera by Muistardeaux

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you can sit behind me on this thing and you and I could go cruise the country with this thing

mmm hmmm
oh boy
i came of age in a tuscaloosa bar in south dakota
I knew I was gonna make my quota
of meeting pretty young ladies and bringing em home to meet my ma.
i aint talkin bout doin things that aren’t right with God
I just need someone to help me mow my lawn
and i took her down from Reno, just to look at her thighs.
when you come back from the mountain
you’re gonna find a new man waiting her for you

but it would be brutal to do it.


i was born in a suburb, in a church, in a temple
beth israel and the 49 faiths-we wore leisure suits in sundays
and pin striped three piece suits at our bar mitzvahs
Rivka Devorn and Susan Walpo, Mrs Walpo and Rivka
that was us that called you that day
that was us that called you that day
He speaks to me in a little girl and I never listened so lovely
He speaks to me in a little girl heyeeee
I sang the Cars for that book report on great Jews in history
i don’t mind you coming here and wasting all my time time
cuz when you standing oh so near, I kinda lose my mind, yeah
and then finally in 7th grade or maybe 6th
after beating the crap out of Andy Bloom it seemed like an awful lot
and I swear i recall either me or my brother one fall blowing up a frog in the hallway
and I either told Rabbi Silver that his bad breath smelled like cigars
or i called him an ass to his face in front of his secretary
well for that one my parents got called into Barry Goldman’s office, he was our principle
He speaks to me in a little girl and I never listened so lovely
and it might have been that or something else worse
but i did get kicked out of Hebrew school and saturday school
and they threatened to cancel and then they did cancel my bar mitzvah
but Susan Walpo stepped in god bless her, god bless her she stepped in
and she privately tutored me two nights a week and convinced them that the show must go on.
and the show did go on, i could tell you a thing or two i could tell you a thing or two
I could tell you a thing or two about a john abrhamson throwing up a butt load of manishevits wine
or the fact that i lost all 1500 dollars that i got in checks from my friends and relatives
I lost all of that money mostly because I went out to lunch actually entirely because I went out to lunch
in a bank vault  and that my daddy’s stock broker Doug Hamilton convinced me to invest all of it in a company called Peak Oil.
but the important thing in this whole story is that Rabbi Silver breath it was bad and it did smell like cigars
and he looked down into my eyes with his hands on top of my head in front of my friends and family
while he sang the Torah to me and at me he sang and he sang and he sang and she smiled.
Rabbi Silver smiled he smiled down on me with his hands on my head while he sang the Torah to me
He speaks to me in a little girl and I never listened so lovely
He speaks to me in a little girl heyeeee

When you go away, theres nothing to keep me from myself
when you go away
And if the sun were to shine i wouldn’t even notice because I’m blind
without your touch
when you go away
when you go away, I don’t leave the house for days
when you go away
i don’t see any reason, because I’m useless without your love
When you go away, theres nothing to keep me from myself
when you go away
And if the sun were to shine i wouldn’t even notice because I’m blind
without your love.

I seen a good man and a bad man
walking the same path
I seen some truth, told them to watch their backs.
its coldest when the winter comes
and your papa turned to dead
forgive these idle flowers and kiss my baby’s breath.
and Ill watch from my window
watch the small city moon
see how close it comes to my heart
if the double blossoms from one root
then the growing season’s here
in a purer realm
this old vine will bear
I hear the heavens in your voice
through the weary crowd it rings
rain gathers in the bird bath and washes everything
ill watch from my window see how close it comes to my heart (beating like a drum)
come stand in my window
see the small city moon
when your close to me Im alive.

I grew up restless I grew up bold
nothing ever happened.
I grew up restless I grew up bold
nothing ever happened.
I grew up restless I grew up bold
nothing ever happened thats how i told
that why I’m telling.
I grew up restless I grew up bold
nothing ever happened that why I’m telling
we drank whiskey and straight up gin
at age 13 we drank whiskey and straight up gin
We grew up drinking whiskey and gin on saturdays
We grew up drinking whiskey and gin on fridays actually
and sometimes saturdays also
we drink up
we drink up whiskey and gin on fridays and saturdays
one saturday we were drinking scotch whiskey
and I think the name of it was Hague and Hague
its a scotch whiskey you don’t see that much anymore or i don’t know…
I don’t know but it was Hague and Hague and we drank a bottle of it, two friends and I
but before that we drank gin, we drank straight gin um..
and we used to like to go across the street to Amy Huedons house
and at Amy Huedons house we would sometimes throw rocks through her windows
once we actually blew off a major firework into their back window
and I don’t remember what happened with that one but i think something really bad happened to that window
because Craig Gerby caught all kinda hell for that and Im glad i didn’t cause I felt bad about it

How do you rhyme on Constitution?
How do you rhyme on Constitution?
its a contradiction, a prohibition, a pretty mission
its not hard to find my evolution
its a submission, an absolution, my constitution.

But before we drank gin, we actually got stoned for the first time in 4th grade
It was Matt Ners’ older brother that gays-gave us the stuff
he gays us the stuff also
And when we were in 5th grade we had science class with mister mister
we had science class with mister Brigham
He through a whole jar of pond scum that we had let sit on the table for about 2 or 3 months i can’t remember
and we were letting it sit there because we going to do some sort of scientific analysis of the layer of algae that was growing on the top
he threw that whole jar at me because I sang this song:
Clit climbing away
Clit climbing away
you know the nearest destination is always Clit climbing away

Aint no use in sitting wonder why babe

Mother Gornish’s closet we laid on the floor
she showed me the sweetness never tasted before
her lips we round and dark and so warm
I’m sure the clean as the snow from a storm
i guess theres no reason they would be pure
as we laid in that closet we were all of four
i pulled down my pants and i showed her my own
She was the first my first of some more
Sweet Renee oh Sweet Renee
her name was Joanne but she would never say
can’t tell you the time I shined on Renee
can you call up your cousin to come out and play
oh Kenny and Kelly were banging already
in the fifth grade eleven her breasts sent from heaven
made my mind walk unsteady her lips were like wine
her eyes perfect pretty but her titties the prize
Sweet Renee oh Sweet Renee
her name was Joanne but she would never say
can’t tell you the time I shined on Renee
can you call up your cousin to come out and play
There others our mothers and sisters and brothers
my eyes never made it from their head to their toes
nobody shows you their colors til somebody crows
til somebody crows
Im just a boob man
they’re all I see when a girl comes to me
they’re all I see when a girl comes to me
and though I love Sweet Renee
her name was Joanne but she would never say.

We are so in love with a chick right now. We are hoping to get over it soon; or possess her

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An Open Letter to Miles Davis by Charles Mingus written in 1955

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By Charles Mingus
November 30, 1955
Down Beat Magazine

Four editions of Down Beat come to my mind’s eye-Bird’s “Blindfold Test,” mine, Miles’, and Miles’ recent “comeback story”-as I sit down and attempt to honestly write my thoughts in an open letter to Miles Davis. (I discarded numerous “mental” letters before this writing, but one final letter formed last night as I looked through some pictures of Bird that Bob Parent had taken at a Village session.) If a picture needs to go with this story, it should be this picture of Bird, standing and looking down at Monk with more love than I think we’ll ever find in this jazz business!….

Bird’s love, so warmly obvious in this picture, was again demonstrated in his “Blindfold Test.” But dig Miles’ “Test”! As a matter of fact, dig my own “Blindfold Test”! See what I mean? And more recently, dig Miles’ comeback story. How is Miles going to act when he gets back and gets going again? Will it be like a gig in Brooklyn not too long ago with Max, Monk, and me when he kept telling Monk to “lay out” because his chords were all wrong? Or even at a more recent record date when he cursed, laid out, argued, and threatened Monk and asked Bob Weinstock why he hired such a nonmusician and would Monk lay out on his trumpet solos? What’s happening to us disciples of Bird? Or would Miles think I’m presuming too much to include myself as one?

It seems so hard for some of us to grow up mentally just enough to realize there are other persons of flesh and bone, just like us, on this great, big earth. And if they don’t ever stand still, move, or “swing,” they are as right as we are, even if they are as wrong as hell by our standards. Yes, Miles, I am apologizing for my stupid “Blindfold Test.” I can do it gladly because I’m learning a little something. No matter how much they try to say that Brubeck doesn’t swing-or whatever else they’re stewing or whoever else they’re brewing-it’s factually unimportant.

Not because Dave made Time magazine-and a dollar-but mainly because Dave honestly thinks he’s swinging. He feels a certain pulse and plays a certain pulse which gives him pleasure and a sense of exaltation because he’s sincerely doing something the way he, Dave Brubeck, feels like doing it. And as you said in your story, Miles, “if a guy makes you pat your foot, and if you feel it down your back, etc.,” then Dave is the swingingest by your definition, Miles, because at Newport and elsewhere Dave had the whole house patting its feet and even clapping its hands….

Miles, don’t you remember that “Mingus Fingers” was written in 1945 when I was a youngster, 22 years of age, who was studying and doing his damnedest to write in the Ellington tradition? Miles, that was 10 years ago when I weighed 185. Those clothes are worn and don’t fit me anymore. I’m a man; I weigh 215; I think my own way. I don’t think like you and my music isn’t meant just for the patting of feet and going down backs. When and if I feel gay and carefree, I write or play that way-or when I’m happy, or depressed, even.

Just because I’m playing jazz I don’t forget about me. I play or write me the way I feel through jazz, or whatever. Music is, or was, a language of the emotions. If someone has been escaping reality, I don’t expect him to dig my music, and I would begin to worry about my writing if such a person began to really like it. My music is alive and it’s about the living and the dead, about good and evil. It’s angry yet it’s real because it knows it’s angry.

I know you’re making a comeback, Miles, and I’m with you more than you know. You’re playing the greatest Miles I’ve ever heard, and I’m sure you already know that you’re one of America’s truly great jazz stylists. You’re often fresh in a creative sense and, if anything, you underevaluate yourself-on the outside-and so with other associates in the art. Truly, Miles, I love you and want you to know you’re needed here, but you’re too important a person in jazz to be less than extra careful about what you say about other musicians who are also trying to create….

Remember me, Miles? I’m Charles. Yeah, Mingus! You read third trumpet on my California record dates 11 years ago on the recommendation of Lucky Thompson. So easy, young man. Easy on those stepping stones….

If you should get around to answering this open letter, Miles, there is one thing I would like to know concerning what you said to Nat Hentoff about all the tunes you’ve recorded in the last two years. Why did you continue to record, session after session, when you now say you didn’t like them except for two LPs? I wonder if you forgot the names of those tunes; also, how a true artist can allow all this music, which even he himself doesn’t like, to be sold to the jazz public. Or even accept payment for a job which you yourself say wasn’t well done.

Good luck on your comeback, Miles.

Communication Thorax

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Communications Thorax

Complete Muistardeaux Collective Discography

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Available at for $9 USD


Nigga Please! You’re Darn Tootin’ We Do Cubist

Retarded From Former Greatness


Very Jazzy


Aga Dos



Conceived in Tahoe

Face The Music I

Temptations Cafe

Two Yes Colossal Shapes

Sun Ra… and the album covers are even better

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Came Down to Earth
Greatest Hits – Easy Listening
The Singles
Spaceship Lullaby
Deep Purple
Dreams Come True (alternate title)
Sun Song
Jazz by Sun Ra (alternate title)
Jazz in Transition
Angels & Demons at Play
Super Sonic Jazz
Super Sonic Sounds (alternate title)
Sound of Joy
Jazz in Silhouette
Sound Sun Pleasure!!
Visits Planet Earth
We Travel the Spaceways
The Nubians of Plutonia
Lady with the Golden Stockings (alternate title)
Interstellar Low Ways
Rocket Number Nine (alternate title)
Fate in a Pleasant Mood
Music from Tomorrow’s World
Holiday for Soul Dance
The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra
We Are In the Future (alternate title)
Bad & Beautiful
Art Forms for Dimensions Tomorrow
Secrets of the Sun
The Invisible Shield
Janus (alternate title)
Satellites Are Outerspace… (alternate title)
A Tonal View of Times Tomorrow, vol. 2 (alternate title)
What’s new?
When Sun Comes Out
When Angels Speak of Love
Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
Other Planes of There
Strange Strings
Featuring Pharaoh Sanders & Black Harold
The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra, v. 1
Other Worlds (alternate title)
Cosmic Equation (alternate title)
The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra, v. 2
The Sun Myth (alternate title)
The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra, v. 3
The Magic City
Impressions of a Patch of Blue
Nothing Is
Heliocentric Worlds, v. 3 (alternate title)
Dancing Shadows (alternate title)
Monorails & Satellites
Monorails & Satellites, v. 2
Outer Spaceways, Incorporated
A Tonal View of Times Tomorrow, v. 3 (alternate title)
Pictures of Infinity
A Black Mass
My Brother the Wind, v.2
Otherness (alternate title)
My Brother the Wind
The Night of the Purple Moon
Out There a Minute
Space Probe
The Solar-Myth Approach
The Solar-Myth Approach, v.2
Nuits de la Fondation Maeght, v.1
Nuits de la Fondation Maeght, v.2
Out in Space
Black Myth
It’s After the End of the World
Calling Planet Earth
Dark Myth Equation Visitation
Live In Egypt (alternate title)
Nature’s God (alternate title)
Starsnatchers (alternate title)
Universe in Blue
Soundtrack to the Film Space Is the Place
Astro Black
Friendly Love
Crystal Spears
The Great Lost Sun Ra Albums
Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972
Life is Splendid
Discipline 27-II
Space Is the Place
Outer Space Employment Agency
What Planet is This?
Live at the Gibus
t’s Forbidden
Pathways to Unknown Worlds
Concert for Comet Kohoutek
Celebrations for Dial Tunes
Out Beyond the Kingdomn Of
Discipline 99 (alternate title)
The Antique Blacks
Interplanetary Concepts (alternate title)
There Is a Change in the Air (alternate title)
Sub Underground
Cosmo-Earth Fantasy (alternate title)
Temple U (alternate title)
Live at Montreux
A Quiet Place in the Universe
Solo Piano, v.1
St. Louis Blues
Solo Piano, v.2 (alternate title)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
We Live to Be (alternate title)
Some Blues but Not the Kind that’s Blue
Nature Boy (alternate title)
My Favorite Things (alternate title)
The Soul Vibrations of Man
Taking a Chance on Chances
Piano Recital – Teatro La Fenice, Venezia
New Steps
Other Voices, Other Blues
Media Dreams
Saturn Research (alternate title)
Disco 3000
Springtime in Chicago
Sound Mirror
Live in Philadelphia ’78 (alternate title)
The Other Side of the Sun
God Is More than Love Can Ever Be
Days of Happiness (alternate title)
Blythe Spirit Dance (alternate title)
Trio (alternate title)
Song of the Stargazers
On Jupiter
Seductive Fantasy (alternate title)
Sleeping Beauty
Door of the Cosmos (alternate title)
Live from Soundscape
Of Mythic Worlds
Strange Celestial Road
I, Pharaoh
Sunrise in Different Dimensions
Voice of the Eternal Tomorrow
The Rose Hue Mansions of the Sun (alternate title)
Aurora Borealis
Ra Rachmaninov (alternate title)
Beyond the Purple Star Zone
Immortal Being (alternate title)
God’s Private Eye
Dance of Innocent Passion
Oblique Parallex
Journey Stars Beyond (alternate title)
A Fireside Chat with Lucifer
Celestial Love
Nuclear War
Ra to the Rescue
Just Friends
Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab in Egypt
Sun Rise in Egypt vols. 1, 2 and 3
Stars that Shine Darkly, v.1 (alternate title)
Outer Reach Intensity-Energy
Stars that Shine Darkly, v.2 (alternate title)
Love in Outer Space: Live in Utrecht
Live at Praxis 84, v.1
Live at Praxis 84, v.2
Live at Praxis 84, v.3
When Spaceships Appear
Children of the Sun (alternate title)
Cosmo-Party Blues (alternate title)
Cosmo Sun Connection
John Cage Meets Sun Ra
A Night in East Berlin
Reflections in Blue
Hours After
Bratislava Jazz Days
Hidden Fire 1
Hidden Fire 2
Stay Awake
Live at Pitt Inn
Cosmo Omnibus Imagiable Illusion (alternate title)
Somewhere Else
Blue Delight
Second Star to the Right: (Salute to Walt Disney)
Stardust from Tomorrow
Astral Planes & New Moonbeams (Live in Atlanta)
Purple Night
Live in London 1990
Beets: a Collection of Jazz Songs
Mayan Temples
Live at the Hackney Empire
Friendly Galaxy
At the Village Vanguard
Destination Unknown
A Tribute to Stuff Smith