Fanfare for the Warriors-Art Ensemble of Chicago

June 24th, 2012 Comments Off


This has been a pretty tough record for us.  We have put it on several times, skipped around a bit, but never got all the way through it.  We shall try again because there are some really amazing passages in this record.

The thing that throws us is the very thing that captivates us in other recordings.  In A Love Supreme, John Coltrane’s masterpiece, the human voice is mesmerizing and borderline psychedelic.  Here, with AEC, we find the voice to be disruptive.  From what we know of AEC, they are way into bringing this shit to and from Afrika, and in doing so have to use the voice.  ok.

If we were writing this for the Village Voice, our editor would have a cow because we aren’t saying much and we haven’t listened extensively,  but alas this is just a hack jazz blog read by us and a guy that used to play in my band. and you!  Decent!

Hopefully, a good few listens will produce a worthwhile review of Fanfare.  We feel there is alot in there for us.  Now back to the easy listening jazz of Stanley Crouch.  We love you Stanley-we put the us in trust baby.

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