Sun Ra… and the album covers are even better

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Came Down to Earth
Greatest Hits – Easy Listening
The Singles
Spaceship Lullaby
Deep Purple
Dreams Come True (alternate title)
Sun Song
Jazz by Sun Ra (alternate title)
Jazz in Transition
Angels & Demons at Play
Super Sonic Jazz
Super Sonic Sounds (alternate title)
Sound of Joy
Jazz in Silhouette
Sound Sun Pleasure!!
Visits Planet Earth
We Travel the Spaceways
The Nubians of Plutonia
Lady with the Golden Stockings (alternate title)
Interstellar Low Ways
Rocket Number Nine (alternate title)
Fate in a Pleasant Mood
Music from Tomorrow’s World
Holiday for Soul Dance
The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra
We Are In the Future (alternate title)
Bad & Beautiful
Art Forms for Dimensions Tomorrow
Secrets of the Sun
The Invisible Shield
Janus (alternate title)
Satellites Are Outerspace… (alternate title)
A Tonal View of Times Tomorrow, vol. 2 (alternate title)
What’s new?
When Sun Comes Out
When Angels Speak of Love
Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
Other Planes of There
Strange Strings
Featuring Pharaoh Sanders & Black Harold
The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra, v. 1
Other Worlds (alternate title)
Cosmic Equation (alternate title)
The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra, v. 2
The Sun Myth (alternate title)
The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra, v. 3
The Magic City
Impressions of a Patch of Blue
Nothing Is
Heliocentric Worlds, v. 3 (alternate title)
Dancing Shadows (alternate title)
Monorails & Satellites
Monorails & Satellites, v. 2
Outer Spaceways, Incorporated
A Tonal View of Times Tomorrow, v. 3 (alternate title)
Pictures of Infinity
A Black Mass
My Brother the Wind, v.2
Otherness (alternate title)
My Brother the Wind
The Night of the Purple Moon
Out There a Minute
Space Probe
The Solar-Myth Approach
The Solar-Myth Approach, v.2
Nuits de la Fondation Maeght, v.1
Nuits de la Fondation Maeght, v.2
Out in Space
Black Myth
It’s After the End of the World
Calling Planet Earth
Dark Myth Equation Visitation
Live In Egypt (alternate title)
Nature’s God (alternate title)
Starsnatchers (alternate title)
Universe in Blue
Soundtrack to the Film Space Is the Place
Astro Black
Friendly Love
Crystal Spears
The Great Lost Sun Ra Albums
Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972
Life is Splendid
Discipline 27-II
Space Is the Place
Outer Space Employment Agency
What Planet is This?
Live at the Gibus
t’s Forbidden
Pathways to Unknown Worlds
Concert for Comet Kohoutek
Celebrations for Dial Tunes
Out Beyond the Kingdomn Of
Discipline 99 (alternate title)
The Antique Blacks
Interplanetary Concepts (alternate title)
There Is a Change in the Air (alternate title)
Sub Underground
Cosmo-Earth Fantasy (alternate title)
Temple U (alternate title)
Live at Montreux
A Quiet Place in the Universe
Solo Piano, v.1
St. Louis Blues
Solo Piano, v.2 (alternate title)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
We Live to Be (alternate title)
Some Blues but Not the Kind that’s Blue
Nature Boy (alternate title)
My Favorite Things (alternate title)
The Soul Vibrations of Man
Taking a Chance on Chances
Piano Recital – Teatro La Fenice, Venezia
New Steps
Other Voices, Other Blues
Media Dreams
Saturn Research (alternate title)
Disco 3000
Springtime in Chicago
Sound Mirror
Live in Philadelphia ’78 (alternate title)
The Other Side of the Sun
God Is More than Love Can Ever Be
Days of Happiness (alternate title)
Blythe Spirit Dance (alternate title)
Trio (alternate title)
Song of the Stargazers
On Jupiter
Seductive Fantasy (alternate title)
Sleeping Beauty
Door of the Cosmos (alternate title)
Live from Soundscape
Of Mythic Worlds
Strange Celestial Road
I, Pharaoh
Sunrise in Different Dimensions
Voice of the Eternal Tomorrow
The Rose Hue Mansions of the Sun (alternate title)
Aurora Borealis
Ra Rachmaninov (alternate title)
Beyond the Purple Star Zone
Immortal Being (alternate title)
God’s Private Eye
Dance of Innocent Passion
Oblique Parallex
Journey Stars Beyond (alternate title)
A Fireside Chat with Lucifer
Celestial Love
Nuclear War
Ra to the Rescue
Just Friends
Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab in Egypt
Sun Rise in Egypt vols. 1, 2 and 3
Stars that Shine Darkly, v.1 (alternate title)
Outer Reach Intensity-Energy
Stars that Shine Darkly, v.2 (alternate title)
Love in Outer Space: Live in Utrecht
Live at Praxis 84, v.1
Live at Praxis 84, v.2
Live at Praxis 84, v.3
When Spaceships Appear
Children of the Sun (alternate title)
Cosmo-Party Blues (alternate title)
Cosmo Sun Connection
John Cage Meets Sun Ra
A Night in East Berlin
Reflections in Blue
Hours After
Bratislava Jazz Days
Hidden Fire 1
Hidden Fire 2
Stay Awake
Live at Pitt Inn
Cosmo Omnibus Imagiable Illusion (alternate title)
Somewhere Else
Blue Delight
Second Star to the Right: (Salute to Walt Disney)
Stardust from Tomorrow
Astral Planes & New Moonbeams (Live in Atlanta)
Purple Night
Live in London 1990
Beets: a Collection of Jazz Songs
Mayan Temples
Live at the Hackney Empire
Friendly Galaxy
At the Village Vanguard
Destination Unknown
A Tribute to Stuff Smith

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