Baby Peed His Pants
    Bush Epic
    Hurricane Dolly Hit
    Amy Run Into Some Garbage
    I Was An Asshole I
    Armando's Tools
    And Then It Went Hummmmm
    Big Kisses
    Amy Your Car Broke Down
    I Said I Was Sorry Mike
    Cheech Woke Me Up
    Gordon Bombay Said
    Amy's Birthday
    Grey In A Sentence
    I Was An Asshole II
    Hold On Phil I'm Coming
    I Broke The Screen Door And The Vase And The Flow
    I Hit A Blue Mercedes
    I Don't Want To Go On That Camping Trip
    Marshall Was Wearing Blue
    You Never Showed Up
    I Got Dogpoop On My Chair Blues And Tom Had To Wash It Off With A Hose
    Marisela Threw Up And Jorge Gave Her Some Medicine
    Marylou Blues Taking Care Of Me
    Mike Called Me A Poopoo Face
    My Fallen Wheelchair At The Goldworks
    My Headrest Came Loose
    My Man Help My Mom Put Electrodes On
    You Never Showed Up II
    Shitty Ass Chevy
    Snoop Went Growl OWWWW
    Stupid Fuckhead
    The Swimming Hole
    Who's Gonna Fix My Tires Dammit?
    I Was An Asshole III














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