Tighe O’Shannon is an aging Texas troubadour and a true American original. Born to an Irishman that saw it fit to name two of his four sons Tighe O’Shannon, Tighe is one of those folks that “should write a book” but chooses to write music instead. A tree trimmer by trade, Tighe lives in his truck in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

We auditioned drummers for this band and recorded a full album of Tighe O’Shannon originals and new music over the course of three days at Marina Abramovic Institute West.

    Not the Happiest Kind of Man
    Have You Ever Been Ripped Off at Gunpoint in Dallas?
    It Aint Funny
    Slow Groove
    Tighe's Meet and Greet
    Maniac on the Floor
    Suitcase Full of Rags
    Marquee Splittane
    John Lennon and Yoko Ono
    The Premier of 'Up in Smoke' in the Theatre
    Hot Breath
    Oregon Blacks
    Parkland Sandwich
    My Flirtation with Sufism: The Sufism Slope
    Downtown View: Marriot
    Her Name Was Po'
    Mortal & Pestle
    Slim Rider
    Robert Moya's Cocksucker
    Come Over Here and Touch This Rock




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