Brenda & Judy II

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In 2009, Muistardeaux Collective produced a musical album entitled "Doorslam Sessions" by the band I Wanna Be Like Michael Jackson, under the Mark Williams Van Proyen Records label. The frontman of the band is Mark Williams, a primary artistic influence for us. Mark has cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities. He's a talented singer songwriter who comes over to Tom's house and sings free verse about his life and things that he finds interesting, disturbing and entertaining in the world. "Doorslam Sessions" features thirty-five of Mark's original songs, with Tom's wife, Amy accompanying him live on guitar on most tracks. Eric and Dirk and Tom fill in on guitar on the remaining tracks. It's a great album, you should buy one.


After we finished producing the album, we asked Mark what images he would like to accompany the music when we played as part of "1800SLEEPLQ" (see projects). Without missing a beat, Mark listed off forty-nine things that we now call Mark's List. This is our moms, Brenda Gibbons and Judy Borden reading Mark's List on the phone.


"Brenda and Judy I" hasn't happened yet. That's going to be when we rent out Madison Square Garden and play a private concert for our moms, with us at center court and each mom 5 rows up across from each other on either side of the stands.






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